Answers to FAQs of Our Affordable Paving Service

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! If you’re considering paving services in Plympton, MA, you’re in the right place. We’re here to address your questions and provide clarity about our affordable paving solutions. Kane Paving specializes in providing quality paving services at affordable prices for both residential and commercial properties.

What is the difference between asphalt and concrete paving?

Asphalt paving involves using a mixture of asphalt and aggregate materials, resulting in a flexible and cost-effective surface. Concrete paving, on the other hand, utilizes cement, water, and aggregate, creating a durable and long-lasting surface with a smoother finish.

How long does the average paving project take to complete?

The duration of a paving project depends on various factors including the size of the area, the type of paving material used, and weather conditions. Generally, most paving projects can be completed within a few days to a week.

What measures do you take to control dust and noise during paving?

To minimize dust and noise during paving, we utilize dust control measures such as wetting down surfaces and using equipment with noise-reducing features. We also schedule paving activities during times that minimize disruption to surrounding areas.

What is the typical lifespan of different paving materials?

The lifespan of paving materials varies depending on factors such as maintenance, traffic volume, and climate conditions. Asphalt paving typically lasts 10-20 years, while concrete paving can last 20-40 years with proper care.

What steps should I take to prepare my property for a paving project?

Before a paving project, it’s important to clear the area of debris and obstacles, ensure proper drainage, and address any underlying issues such as cracks or potholes. Our team can guide pre-paving preparations.

What types of maintenance do you recommend for paved surfaces over time?

Regular maintenance such as sealcoating, crack sealing, and periodic repairs can help prolong the lifespan of paved surfaces and prevent costly damage. We offer maintenance services to keep your paved surfaces looking and performing their best.

How many years of experience does your paving company have?

With 30 years of experience in the paving industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver quality results for our clients. You can trust us to handle your paving project with professionalism and skill.

Do you handle both residential and commercial paving services?

Yes, we specialize in providing paving services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a driveway repaved or a parking lot installed, we’ve got you covered.

Do you offer free estimates for your paving services?

Yes, for all of our paving services, we provide free estimates that come with no conditions. Please contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll assess your paving needs and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

What payment methods do you accept for your paving services?

For your convenience, we accept several payment options, including checks, credit/debit cards, and electronic transfers. You may easily and hassle-free settle your paving service cost with our multiple payment options.

If you require affordable paving services in Plympton, MA, look no further. Reach out to Kane Paving at (781) 243-0671 to schedule your paving project today!